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Ancient Egyptian Myths: Gods and Pharoahs, Creation and the Afterlife

ISBN 13: 9781782749028


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The Great Sphinx of Giza, painted friezes in pyramid chambers, and symbolic paintings of the eye of Horus are familiar and breathtaking works of art. Yet behind them lies a deep cosmological tapestry in which the origins of the Earth and riches brought by the Nile flood are explained through deities. As pharaohs, kingdoms and dynasties rise and fall, so the roles of gods, goddesses and myths change, making Ancient Egypt’s mythology a fascinating journey that reflects shifting power, fortune and influence in the lives of Egyptians. Ancient Egyptian Myths takes a broad approach to the cosmology of Ancient Egypt, describing the function of myth to both the powerful and the powerless. It includes internal and external political and economic influences on the status of deities and their myths. The book examines iconography and texts that transported Egyptians from practical stories explaining the world around them to the mystery and magic that led them into the realm of the dead. It explains the roles of priests and the exclusiveness of temples. Finally, it reveals influences of Egypt’s myths on belief systems and the arts that continue to this day. Illustrated throughout with artworks and photographs, Ancient Egyptian Myths is an engaging and highly informative exploration of a rich mythology that still fascinates today.

ISBN 13: 9781782749028

Author: Catherine Chambers

Author(s) Catherine Chambers
Format Hardback
ISBN 13 9781782749028
Pages 224
ISBN 10 1782749020
Publisher Amber Books
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Publication Date 14-10-2019
Dewey 932.01
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