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I Think, Therefore I Am: All the Philosophy You Need to Know

ISBN 13: 9781782430247


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Covering the biggest names, including Socrates, Seneca, St Augustine, Descartes, Marx and Nietzsche, I Think Therefore I Am provides a handle for all the main -isms and -ologies of western philosophy.

Philosophers certainly like to make life sound awfully complicated – whether they’re wondering if a falling tree still makes a sound if there’s nobody around to hear it (Berkeley) or declaring that everything in the universe is in a state of flux (Heraclitus) – but is philosophy really so complicated? And is it really as irrelevant as it sometimes seems?

I Think, Therefore I Am is the ideal way to take the fear out of philosophy. Written in an accessible and highly entertaining style, this book explains how and why philosophy began, and how, from Greek democracy to Communism, the ways in which we live, learn, argue, vote and even spend our money have their origins in philosophical thought.

ISBN 13: 9781782430247

Author: Lesley Levene

Author(s) Lesley Levene
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781782430247
Pages 192
ISBN 10 1782430245
Publisher Michael O'Mara
Publication Date 04-04-2013
Dimensions 198 × 129 × 12 mm
Dewey 100
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