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The Flight of Mr Finch

ISBN 13: 9781849765909


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Mr Finch leads a quiet life with his best friend, a small red bird. Nothing very exciting ever happens to them and that suits Mr Finch very well. Until one day, when his one and only friend disappears! Terribly worried Mr Finch heads off in search of the bird into the heart of a jungle that has recently invaded the city . . . Suddenly, Mr Finch finds himself on an extraordinary journey that teaches him far more than he realised about himself. Will this journey allow the two friends to take flight and finally find true happiness? A tender and magical picture book that shows happiness is sometimes very close at hand just waiting to be found!

ISBN 13: 9781849765909

Author: Thomas Baas

Author(s) Thomas Baas
Format Hardback
ISBN 13 9781849765909
Pages 40
ISBN 10 1849765901
Publisher Tate
Weight 750 g
Publication Date 01-03-2018
Dimensions 300 × 212 mm
Dewey 843.92
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