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The Great Book of Emotions

ISBN 13: 9788854415515


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This book is an introspective voyage through the world of Allegra’s emotions. Allegra is a sensitive, curious child of seven and the pages mark episodes of her life and narrate her feelings of joy, sadness, fright, anger, surprise, disgust and shame – all of which are personified in seven adorable characters. The reader dives into Allegra’s inner world, narrated through paintings and fascinating illustrations where reality intertwines with fantasy scenarios. At the end of the voyage, Allegra and her readers will have learned how feelings arise and how to avoid being frightened by them as they evolve, change in intensity and break down inside of one’s conscience and how to welcome them into one’s own inner world. Allegra will learn to play on her piano all the emotional shades that distinguish her and thus be able to completely integrate her characters into her inner world. Ages: 7 plus

ISBN 13: 9788854415515

Author: Chiara Piroddi

Author(s) Chiara Piroddi
Format Hardback
ISBN 13 9788854415515
Pages 48
ISBN 10 8854415510
Publisher White Star
Weight 792 g
Publication Date 28-10-2019
Dimensions 310 × 270 mm
Dewey 823.92
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