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The Impossible: On the Run: Book 2

ISBN 13: 9781786540126


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Nothing is impossible in Hector Coleman’s world … A comic-book inspired adventure with a graphic novel twist, for fans of Stephen King, Charlie Higson and Suzanne Collins. Ever done anything you regret? Embarrassing, isn’t it? Awkward, sometimes. Still, at least your life isn’t like Hector Coleman’s. Hector said Yes when he really should have said No, and now it’s too late for regret because he’s on the run with his friends, and everyone’s getting super-powers (but really rubbish and in fact potentially lethal ones). Also, there are zombies, yes zombies, and an almost magic campervan, and a horse. It’s all impossible (except the horse), but the impossible … JUST GOT REAL (again). A breathtaking road-trip adventure with a graphic-novel twist, this is the breathtaking sequel to THE IMPOSSIBLE.

ISBN 13: 9781786540126

Author: Mark Illis

Author(s) Mark Illis
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781786540126
Pages 320
ISBN 10 1786540126
Publisher Quercus Children's Books
Weight 288 g
Publication Date 12-07-2018
Dimensions 199 × 156 × 25 mm
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