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WJEC/Eduqas Law for A Level: Book 1

ISBN 13: 9781911208457


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Endorsed by WJEC/Eduqas and written by a team of experienced teachers and examiners, WJEC/Eduqas for A Level Law Book 1 offers high quality support for the Year 1 and AS course and some of the Year 2/A2 course. Designed to be used in conjunction with Book 2 to provide full coverage of WJEC/Eduqas A Level Law. A variety of features, including Grade Boost, Key Cases and Stretch and Challenge activities encourage learners to think critically and help develop their knowledge and understanding and ability to analyse. An Exam practice and technique section provides advice and guidance on how to revise and helps students develop the skills needed for the exams. The topics are split as follows: Book 1 Law making, the Nature of Law and the Welsh and English Legal Systems

E1.1.1 W1.1 Law making; Law reform; E1.1.2 W1.2 Delegated legislation; E1.1.3 W1.3 Statutory interpretation; E1.1.4 W1.4 Judicial precedent; E1.2.1 W1.5 Civil courts; E1.2.2 W1.6 Criminal process; Juries; E1.2.3 W1.7 Legal personnel: Barristers and solicitors, Judiciary, Magistrates; E1.2.4 W1.8 Access to justice and funding; Law of Contract E2.1.1 W3.6 Rules of contract; E2.1.2 W3.7 Essential requirements of a contract; E2.1.3 E2.1.5 W3.10 Discharge of contract; E2.1.4 E2.1.6 W3.11 Remedies: Contract; Law of Tort E2.2.1 W2.1 Rules of tort; E2.2.2 W2.2 Liability in negligence; E2.2.3 W2.3 Occupier’s liability; E2.2.4 E2.2.7 W2.4 Remedies: Tort; Criminal Law E2.3.1 W3.12 Rules of criminal law; E2.3.2 W3.13 General elements of criminal liability; E2.3.3 W3.14 Offences against the person; Human Rights Law E2.4.1 E 2.4.2 W3.1 Rules, theory and protection of human rights law; E2.4.3 W3.2 Specific provisions of the ECHR; E2.4.5 E2.4.6 W3.5 Reform of human rights; E2.4.4 W3.3 Restrictions of the ECHR. /// Book 2 Law of Contract E2.1.3 W3.8 Express and implied terms; E2.1.4 W3.9 Misrepresentation and economic duress; Law of Tort E2.2.4 Torts connected to land; E2.2.5 Vicarious liability; E2.2.6 Defences: Tort; Criminal Law E2.3.3 W3.14 Fatal offences against the person; E2.3.4 W3.15 Property offences; E2.3.5 E2.3.6 W3.16 W3.17 Capacity and necessity defences; E2.3.7 W3.17 Preliminary offences of attempt.

ISBN 13: 9781911208457

Author: Sara Davies

Author(s) Sara Davies
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781911208457
Pages 288
ISBN 10 1911208454
Publisher Illuminate Publishing
Publication Date 08-03-2018
Dimensions 276 × 219 mm
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