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AQA A Level Sociology: Book 2

ISBN 13: 9780954007928


AQA A Level Sociology: Book 2 The AQA A Level Sociology: Book 2 is an invaluable resource for students studying sociology at A Level under the AQA specification. Authored by Rob Webb, Hal Westergaard, Keith Trobe, and Annie Townend, this book is part of the renowned Napier Press series, known for its comprehensive coverage and engaging content. This second revised edition of the AQA A Level Sociology: Book 2 continues to provide a thorough and detailed exploration of sociological theories, methodologies, and key topics.

The book is structured to align with the AQA A Level Sociology syllabus, ensuring that all necessary content is covered. The authors have employed a clear and accessible writing style, making complex sociological concepts easy to understand. Key terms are highlighted throughout the text, and a range of activities and assessment opportunities are provided to consolidate learning and prepare students for their examinations. Please note that currently, A level textbooks orders are only being accepted from schools and colleges. Rob Webb, Hal Westergaard, Keith Trobe, Annie Townend – Napier Press

ISBN 13: 9780954007928

Author: Rob Webb

Author(s) Rob Webb
ISBN 13 9780954007928
Pages 285
ISBN 10 0954007921
Publisher Napier Press
Weight 838 g
Publication Date 01-07-2016
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