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de Romanis Book 1: dei et deae

ISBN 13: 9781350100039


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An introduction to both the Latin language and the cultural world of the Romans, it also develops English literacy skills through derivation tasks and two-way translation exercises, which promote the understanding of English as well as Latin. Cultural topics, supported by background notes, and primary sources, included for study and analysis, enable students to engage with authentic Roman history and acquire a broad understanding on which to build in future study. – Language learning is split between Core and Additional to ensure effective differentiation and flexible timetabling. – Fun and varied exercises include word identification, word manipulation, vocab acquisition /consolidation, and translation from English into Latin. – 30 words of new vocabulary in each chapter build towards a total of 360. – Vocabulary is consistently and constantly consolidated to give an unshakeable grounding for GCSE. – Clear and systematic explanations of grammar encourage steady progress. – Early use of Latin stories rather than isolated sentences build student confidence from the start. In this first volume students meet the gods and heroes of the Roman world, introduced through stories from Chapter 1 onwards, so that students can immediately read passages of Latin. From myths about the gods to stories about religious customs and festivals, this is the perfect way to learn about the religious framework of Roman daily life. The final chapter on prophecy, ending with stories of historical figures such as Caesar interpreting messages from the gods, prepares for the transition in the second volume to the world of men – and women – of ancient Rome.

ISBN 13: 9781350100039

Author: Katharine Radice (Stephen Perse Foundation, UK)

Author(s) Katharine Radice (Stephen Perse Foundation, UK)
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781350100039
Pages 264
ISBN 10 135010003X
Publisher Bloomsbury Academic
Weight 888 g
Publication Date 16-04-2020
Dimensions 270 × 210 mm
Dewey 478.2421
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