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Good to Go: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery

ISBN 13: 9781509827671


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‘A must-read for all athletes, from the professional to the weekend warrior.’ – Wall Street Journal The New York Times Bestselling account of the new frontier of sports recovery science, which shows what we should and shouldn’t be doing between exercising to achieve maximum performance. All athletes, from Olympians to weekend warriors, must find the balance between training and recovery to maximize the benefits of workouts and reach optimal performance. For the longest time, coaches and training manuals have emphasized training above all else. However, science shows that recovery is a crucial component of exercise training and it may even be the most important one. Good to Go is the first definitive account of this new frontier in sports and exercise science. Christie Ashwanden takes you on a first-person tour through the science of exercise recovery, from ice baths and cryogenic freezing chambers to the science behind Usain Bolt’s love of chicken nuggets and Tom Brady’s recovery pyjamas. Full of eye-opening revelations, Aschwanden takes us on an invigorating journey through the science and potions of sports recovery and debunks the junk to give a clear picture of what we should actually be doing to achieve peak performance.

ISBN 13: 9781509827671

Author: Christie Aschwanden

Author(s) Christie Aschwanden
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781509827671
Pages 320
ISBN 10 1509827676
Publisher Macmillan
Weight 232 g
Publication Date 05-03-2020
Dimensions 196 × 130 × 22 mm
Dewey 613.7
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