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Science of Stretch: Reach Your Flexible Potential, Stay Active, Maximize Mobility

ISBN 13: 9780241593400


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Explore new movements and alleviate stiff joints with more than 100 exercises designed to keep you flexible, energized, and active for life.
Pain and stiffness can create fear and uncertainty in our ability to move, affecting quality of life. Exercise has continuously proven to be beneficial against disease, yet people are becoming increasingly sedentary.
More than a quarter of the world’s population is insufficiently active and it’s time we remove barriers to exercise and encourage movement exploration. The 
Science of Stretch is your guide to understanding the human body’s resilient and adaptable nature and how stretching can play a role in achieving your highest well-being.
Inside the pages of this book you’ll learn about:
-The latest research on stretching
-Human anatomy and physiology
-The nervous system and pain science
-How to reduce injury risk with exercise
-Managing a lifestyle catered towards healthy aging
-What happens to the body when we stretch
-Different types of stretching and how to implement them to best compliment your daily life or sporting activities
-Finally, a series of suggested stretch routines are outlined, each with a progressive increase in challenge and tailored to different abilities and fitness objectives-alongside the tools to create your own bespoke workouts.
Every exercise is anatomized in detail to make movement easily understood using CGI artworks to show how each muscle is correctly activated and each joint aligned. Whether you’re taking a walk around the park or running a marathon, 
Science of Stretch will help you stay flexible, keep active, and remove the uncertainty from stretching.

ISBN 13: 9780241593400

Author: Leada Dr Malek

Author(s) Leada Dr Malek
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9780241593400
Pages 224
ISBN 10 0241593409
Publisher Dorling Kindersley
Weight 680 g
Publication Date 02-11-2023
Dewey 613.7182
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