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The World’s Biomes: Rainforests

ISBN 13: 9781422240397


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 A biome is a very large ecological area, with plants and animals that are adapted to the environmental conditions there. Biomes are usually defined by physical characteristics – such as climate, geology, or vegetation – rather than by the animals that live there. Plants and animals within the biome have all evolved special adaptations that make it possible for them to live in that area. ‘The World’s Biomes’ series provides information on five of the most important biomes in the world today

ISBN 13: 9781422240397

Author: Kimberly Sidabras

Author(s) Kimberly Sidabras
ISBN 13 9781422240397
Pages 80
ISBN 10 1422240398
Publisher Mason Crest
Weight 358 g
Publication Date 01-01-2018
Dewey 577.34
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