Awareness Days – January

World Religions Day 17/01/21

World Religions Day is celebrated annually on the third Sunday in January. With the diversity of religion across the UK changing significantly between the last two censuses, ensuring students can access both a representation of themselves and a balanced cross section of information about world religions is vital. Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and indeed many other religions are part of millions of people’s daily lives. Open students’ eyes and minds to the rich variety in world religions and the commonalities that lie within with a selection of the below.

Martin Luther King Day 18/01/21

January awareness continues with Martin Luther King Day on the third Monday of the month, timed to be near King’s birthday on the 15th of January.
As one of the most famous Black historical figures worldwide, Martin Luther King Day is not only celebrated in the USA. Inspire recognition of King and his tireless work alongside the efforts of other historical and contemporary Black figures with a range of these titles.

Holocaust Memorial Day 27/01/21

On January 27th the world observes Holocaust Memorial Day. An annual memorial of the atrocities of WW2 and the Nazi regime, the day marks an opportunity to remember events of the past and open deep conversations about the ways in which such terrible things can happen. Find both fiction and non-fiction books to offer both a view to the past and insight to the present and future. Books will also always be a wonderful tool of empathy.

World Religions Day



Martin Luther King Day

Holocaust Memorial Day