Primary Teaching History

Explore our collection of the latest books and resources for Primary Teaching History

At Heath Books, we are committed to enhancing history education in primary schools. Explore our carefully curated collection of history books for teachers and resources, specifically tailored for primary teaching. Our extensive range of books and materials aims to inspire young minds, promote historical literacy, and bring history to life in the classroom.

Immerse students in the authentic voices of the past with our primary source documents. Our collection includes carefully selected letters, diaries, speeches, and more, allowing students to connect directly with historical perspectives and events.

Foster inquiry-based learning with our thematic units and project resources. These books for teachers encourage students to explore specific historical themes, periods, or events in-depth, promoting critical thinking, research skills, and creativity.

Our resources are trusted by educators for their quality content, alignment with curriculum standards, and ability to engage students in meaningful historical exploration.

As one of the leading school book suppliers in the UK, we only accept orders from educational institutions.

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