Book Jacketing and Library Servicing

With over 25 years’ experience supplying books to school libraries, we are here to help with any of your book jacketing and library servicing needs. The benefits of library servicing are three-fold (excuse the pun):

  1. Saving you time as your books are shelf-ready upon delivery
  2. Saving you money in the long term as the shelf-life of your collection improves dramatically
  3. Improving your cataloguing and bibliographic data for your users

Servicing that’s shelf-ready

Whether you need your entire order fitted with protective jackets or something more custom for your library, we are happy to fulfill your requirements to your specifications. You’ll receive your order shelf-ready right out of the box. If the service you need is not listed below, or you would like further information about our school library services, please phone or email us with your requirements and queries.

Book Jacketing and Library Servicing

A Note About Plastic Jackets and the Environment

The paperback book jackets we supply and fit are made of PVC, which can be recycled up to 7 times by our book jacket suppliers and even recycled further after that by the plastics industry.

Besides offering fitted plastic and laminated jackets on a comprehensive range of book types and sizes we also fit:

Book Servicing and Prices

Fitted Book Jackets

Paperback Jackets up to 230mm in height               30p
Paperback Jackets 232mm-288mm in height        35p
Paperback Jackets over 290mm in height                50p

Reading Schemes

Paperback Jackets                                                                   50p

Hardback books

Dust covers – all sizes                                                            50p

Landscape or square books

Paperback Jackets                                                                   60p


Kapco Laminated Jackets

Small (average paperback)
Up to 216mm in height                                                         50p

Medium (larger paperback)                                                
216-260mm in height                                                           60p

Large (text or picture book)                                                
Over 260mm in height                                                         £1.00

Unfitted Book Jackets

Paperback Jackets – all sizes                                 40p

NOTE: Carriage will be charged on loose jackets

Other Services (per item)

Barcoding                                                                          10p
Date labels                                                                        10p
Clear protective labels for Dewey/Spine       10p
Ownership stamp                                                         10p
Tattle Tape fitting only                                               10p
Tattle Tapes supply and fit                                       25p
Book Band labels                                                          10p
Dewey Coding                                                                15p
Spine labels                                                                       10p
AR Checking & labels                                        min 20p