Lifting Limits Selection – Books for Children aged 5-7

Heaths are proud to work in partnership with Lifting Limits, a charity dedicated to challenging gender stereotyping and promoting gender equality, in and through education.

Lifting Limits works with early years settings and primary schools, as research shows that that the limiting effects of stereotyping on children’s aspirations, choices, behaviour, and sense of ‘self’ start young. They use an evidence-based whole school approach, providing training and resources to education settings that fit within the curriculum. Read more about their programmes here.

As part of the free resources on offer, Lifting Limits has developed lists of books for children that challenge gender stereotyping. You can browse most of these lists below and secure discounts on both individual books as well as complete bundles.

Lifting Limits have various lists for children and adults on their website – schools can request any fiction or non-fiction from those lists from us.