Promoting Good Mental Health Through Reading

At Heath’s, we know the importance of promoting good mental health through reading and believe that having the appropriate resources in schools is now crucial for providing the right support for mental health issues and increasing awareness of these issues.

Studies show that one in eight children and young people have a diagnosable mental health problem, but there is evidence that building strong mental health early in life can help children grow their self-esteem, form healthy relationships and engage positively with their education. Informative non-fiction is key for children, staff and parents to educate themselves in a safe, easily accessible manner, whilst having fiction with realistic depictions of mental illness de-stigmatises the issues, promotes empathy, and opens up conversations.

Below, you’ll find our staff’s selection of some of the most useful Picture Books, Chapter Books, Non-Fiction and Teacher resources available to best support good mental health. A welcome addition to any library.

For further titles promoting good mental health through reading download our pdf order form: Mental Health Reading List Downloadable Order Form


Picture Books



Chapter Books



Non Fiction




Teacher Resources for promoting good mental health through reading