Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in your Classrooms


STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) have always played a vital role in our lives.  As we come to rely more and more on the ongoing advancements of this industry it is imperative students of today are engaged and inspired by these topics.  This, alongside the ongoing goal of reducing the gender gap in STEM industries, leaves schools as main players in preparing today’s youth for STEM focused further education and careers.

Great STEM books about science and indeed other STEM subjects are a far cry from the textbook style of years gone by.

Look, and you’ll find biographies that reveal the paths of famous scientists for every age group or primary books on engineering or coding .  There are secondary books that focus on careers in STEM – great reads for those interested in how scientific or mathematical understanding opens doors you wouldn’t expect; and fiction for every age group to spark imaginations and open minds to the opportunities of STEM subjects.  There is plenty of great STEM reading if you know where to search.

Our list, carefully collated and organised by age level, offers readers a deeper look.  These books entertain, educate and share with readers the opportunities that might open up should they pursue the interests they have.

British Science Week is a great chance to encourage the curiosity students have – especially girls – and motivate them to discover more.  As we progress forward, science, technology, engineering and maths will be at the forefront of our futures and today’s students will be an essential part of that advance.  Equip them.


Early Years Foundation Stage:



Early Years Foundation Stage

ABCs of Mathematics


Early Years Foundation Stage

Baby Botanist


Early Years Foundation Stage

Peep Inside Space



Primary Fiction:



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Primary Biographies:



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Secondary Fiction:



Secondary Non-Fiction:



Secondary Biographies: